One Truth is infinite.

The purpose of life is cognizing the Truth.

Belief leads on the way of truth.

One source of the truth
is one’s own life experience.

Cognition of the truth
is possible only in state of unconditionally love.

What for I am living?

One day everybody ask himself this question. Not once in life this question appears, mostly at hard times, when life’s guidelines are changing. Become adult, end school, get profession and good job, make a family, build house, brought up children and after some time grandchildren, left memory about self at the end of line… Where the sense that defines our choices and helps overcome stages on the way of life? Or, may be, is not so really necessary found out such global sense? Many philosophers set themselves such problems.

Beauty and harmony of nature always inspired artists, but time little passed, and nature was mercilessly exploited to please human’s whims and desires. Humanistic principles were risen to pedestal, and then were threw off as useless abstracts. Scientists made great discoveries of relieving life, but then findings were used for self-annihilation.

What forces control growths and falls of humanity? What lies ahead? How I can influence to my future and future of Earth?

Currently, there are many source of information that supports seeking for answers to emerging issues – books, radio, TV, internet. But answer, which true for current segment of life, may be putted in words and be felt deeply only by independent searching with studying an own experience of life.

Our site is not answer for putted questions. This is representation of one from many existence ways of result’s studying and generalizations of our life’s experiments those were helpful for answer to author’s questions. This is the one of variants that describes an essence of the unity World.

I hope that our web site’s information will help on the path of truth searching and studying own life’s experience.

Nikolai Sachock