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On the whole any milieu can be imagined as combination of interferencifying processes. Every process performs certain function, moved by corresponding energies, and appropriated for some task. Person also may be considered as process. It is apply to collectives, states and states’ unions. Every process tends to advance. If advancing falls down or stops then process degrades and stops also.

We always strive for something; our abilities allow to realize aspirations; and aspirations are realized in environment. These are compounds of our development. Evolutional constructive development goes on only in harmony between aspirations, abilities and states (laws) of environment.

All that we see around may be illustrated as set of interact processes and they are particles of more complex process. And processes have different levels of complexity: minerals, vegetables, animals, humans, societies, solar system and so on. Interaction between processes runs way of various types’ energy exchange. Process perceives energies that tuned to at the moment and try to influence to other processes with own energies while performs function.

Concordant development of whole process’ habitat will be occur only by observance the concept of “if you want go ahead help other” – the concept of cooperation. Somewhere we act by such way intuitively, somewhere we oppress other to our desires that holds down his/her development, and think we are doing good. Even though trying to think about own deeds outside clichés and stereotypes will be hard without knowledge of process and energy’s interaction structure. It is the same difficulty like analyzing substance without knowledge of periodic table.

Variety of process’ functions can be described with rather small set of basic functions. Or states, if we talk about latent ability of function realization. Of course, more complex process has more complex set of functions: mineral is simplest, vegetable is simple, animal is complex and human is most complex. On one’s part every function can be described as process. Thus, complex processes appear as system of elementary processes.