Energy-informational socium’s structure (an egregor or collective unconscious) consists from energy-informational structures of individual persons, and present oneself as superposition of their energies. However, collective unconscious also has strong influence to development of individual consciousness.

Level of socium’s development depends on development of critical mass formed by members of this socium. When critical mass of people advance certain limit than socium proceed to next stage of development, to new state. This process similar to moving of object, when is need some critical effort for overcoming the friction force; or critical value of water atom’s energy gives ability of transform to steam; or critical mass of uranium going to atomic explosion; or critical mass of college entrant’ knowledge for going to university.

There are moments of moving to higher steps of development in life of socium as well as pupils in certain time move to next study level. At that old forms of our images cease to answer for new enquires of our consciousness. Someone generates the new, someone accepts it (critical mass), and someone can’t came out from frames of old images. Notions integrates and new requests form – person begin to think with more global and generalized categories. Like in usual school gradual growth of pupils’ consciousness during an year leads to transition to next class and gaining new textbooks, such as socium in the way of development have periods, when all its components transit to new stage and a need in new textbook of life appears. Well, then when these transitions in life of socium take place? What determines it?

While living on the Earth, a person copes with seven Spheres of functioning, aware them and develops corresponding seven energy structures. According with seven Levels of consciousness there may mark outs seven stages of awareness development in corresponding Sphere:

  • of thyself with abilities of body;
  • of environment, the forces of nature;
  • of other person, acting with equal rights;
  • of collective, that can meet challenges beyond one’s strength;
  • of state, that can unite different collectives;
  • of state’s union is being formed for tasks of planetary level;
  • of whole planet as one organism.

Our experience tell us success of any deed is conditioned by uptaking of theory and its practice application (which depends on Grasping and Realization functions). In case of lack of constructive theory or poor learning there will be gotten deplorable results.

On first stage of development man no need theory – he masters of own body. When time pass, and interaction with environment merges with day-to-day activity, than questions about environment’s organization upraises and theory become urgent.

On second stage man obtain theory of nature system and environment. We may see it in forms of various polytheistic religions had place in the past.

Third stage is practical – experience of changing environment accumulates. In the same time questions about interaction with others and collective forming appears.

On forth stage man gets theory (teaching) about socium structure and begins to study and examine it. Works out basics skills in creating of collectives. Monotheistic religions birth and foundations of philosophy are formed.

On fifths stage formed skills actively use for goal-directed forming of states. Questions of interaction at interstate and planetary level raise up.

Six stage is period of mastering theory of state-to-state relations, understanding the planet as whole ones.

Seventh level is time of building states unions based on common understanding and mutual aid.

Certain regularity is traced here: on even stages theory is learned and gained basic skills, on odd stages theory and skills actively apply on practice. In that way we can talk about three phases, about three theory-practice pairs1 of development stages.

Seven stages of socium development may be seen with various clarity through findings of researchers of history.

Karl Jaspers (1883-1969), German philosopher, in work “The Origin and Goal of History” says: “Four times man seems, as it were, to have stared out form a new basis. First form prehistory…,which he first became man. Secondly, form the establishment of the ancient civilizations. Thirdly, from the Axial Period through which, spiritually, he unfolded his full human potentialities. Fourthly, from the scientific-technological age.”3 Jaspers talks about “two breaths” in consideration of the scheme of stages on already passed way of development. And future — the “third breath” – will be characterized by global unity of mankind.

Jaspers about Axial Period: “It would seem that this axis of history is to be found in the period around 500 B.C., in the spiritual process that occurred between 800 and 200 B.C. It is there that we meet with the most deepcut dividing line in history”.

It is period of preparing the consciousness for assimilation monotheist learning. Man from individual process of development proceed to collective.

Jaspers attaches high value to role of Christianity for the west consciousness: “Christianity, in the shape of the Christian Church, is perhaps the greatest and highest organisational form yet evolved by the human spirit”. ”This Church proved capable of compelling contradictory elements into union, of absorbing highest ideals formulated up to that time and of protecting its acquisitions in a dependable tradition”. It is even, theoretical stage. And scientific-technological age is practical stage.

If in the first “breath”, in the period of establishment of the ancient civilizations, take into account existence of practical and theoretical stages (2nd and 3rd stages, that are not clearly divided by Jaspers), add second “breath” (Christianity Period (4th stage) and scientific-technological age (5th stage)) and third “breath” (including 6th and 7th stage) than we will gain seven stages of development.

Every person has individual schedule of stages of development, but certain groups (e.g. school form) can be marked out with some common, passing at the same time processes. Every concrete nation passes the same stages of development in own, specific for it time as well. It may be traced at formation of monotheism in not so far past or at good observed process of world spreading the scientific-technical revolution.

At beginning or every stage the humanity – as represented by specific nation – gain textbook is relevant to upgrowed requirements, corresponding teaching. All process became highly active and society rises up. At the same time old stoned forms of images are being destroyed, destroyed our attachments to this forms, our fears to loose something good knowing and comfortable. At the end of stage main part of society begin to mercilessly exploit new abilities for satisfaction of rising passions and create new attachments to formed images. Person fall dawn and in society and in nature intensively emerges cataclysms. The fall until “obtain a pain”, until critical mass of society will not think about sense of life again. By these risings and fallings stages of development may be traced.

Let’s try to reveal stages of development of socium as united energy-informational system, basing on observed before information about structure of human consciousness.

1First stage as prelude and then 2-3, 4-5, 6-7 Stages – three phases.

1 Quotes from “The Origin and Goal of History” translated from the German by Michael Bullock.