Good and Vexation

Exposure of good and vexation is multiform. Let’s try to look something common in this multiformity. It will help to concretize quite relative concepts and make up certain system.

It seems like understandable evil ruins and good creates. But what does mean “ruins” and “creates”? From different views same thing looks different. Specifically is from bottom and top. We not will try to examine this question giving evaluation to somebody deeds. Instead, we will try to look into ourselves and our energies.

Unity, Savity, Creativity

You probably already have experienced Creativity and Savity energies. What about Unity? Function of Unity is easy mind caught, but problem is that true understanding is possible only through deep feeling, that quite hard in our daily routine without properly intentions and workouts. Scores of times there talked about unity’s laws, but immeasurably more often they were broke.

For example. Material and technologies have to comply with idea (i.e. engineering information) in making process. But suppliers have brought just a little different things, and machine tool has failed, and time presses a project! What we will have got at output?

There many talks, writings and readings about child-parent relationships, about bringing up with considering child’s interests. We always hurry and rush, we have to do a lot of work, but our child makes some “strange” researching in a grass and tends to take mud bath! There is another side – how not to make permissiveness? More teener child always plays video games or bury in Internet – what to do? Shut down or cut off line?1 How to find so thin verge between child’s interest and permissiveness?

Another one: you want to make more interesting and splendid new design of product, but there is time limit – goes out of it – and will be responsible. And ain’t get bonus – what a sense from it? But deep in heart you intent to best and grace.

Always must-obliged, and quickly! All the time something or somebody hurries up and bends to it’s tempo and needs. No time to stop and think, to feel Life. At School, at army, at work, at home – such situation is everywhere. Agree that is rough feelings.

Image a picture: warm summer day, you are luxuriating on a sea or lake shore. Occasional clouds are leisurely floating in the wonderful blue sky. Gulls are hovering over water and speak about something. Nobody around can disturb your joying of nature. There is nowhere to hurry. On own wish you may have a bathe, walk to forest or mountain. You can do a favorite work. How it is great!

Compare feelings. In first case – there is bending to hard necessity, self- and environment-violence. In second case – there is unity and cooperation with surrounding environment. Have you felt a difference? Therein is distinction between Slaving energy and Unity energy.

Pay attention to characteristic regularity: when we lock-in one’s own pursuits (think we are nub of universe and our passions and wishes valuable of all) we pass into Force2 energies. What going on with Creativity and Savity in that case?

Slaving, Multiplication, Figmentation

When time for thought and creative work is short, than you look for something off-the-shelf, that can be combined and fitted to one’s needs. And make figments. Nothing new, timeproofles, cold hearted. But fast. You have done. OK. To next same case you have to store more various materials. You are collecting and still think that not enough. You begin to spend all free time for seeking and pilling, it is you desire and wish that hard stopped. We call this energy of Multiplication. Day after day runs and it becomes a habit. People around one do same things, and you forget what creativity is. Losing you self-determination you live like “all” and put one’s people, relatives to these perception and sense. You and your collective exploit each other, environment and nature.

That’s way how energies of Force are forming. And step by step all become a world of Force with consumer attitude to life, without ability to create. Where love is replaced by passion and exploiting. World of evil.

Is it not better to live in world of good, in world of Sympathy-partnership3? There you are welcome with thy thoughts, and you glad to hear others. When offered to do things that are interesting to you. In the world where you every moment experience something new. Caring about environment and craving to help neighbor take first place.

Utopia, you say? Try to remember something good from now on. Not downed Gods known from heritage or unexpected bonus or prize, but from this utopia. What? You can’t? It is bad. Than try to remember within week… Or, at worst, within last month.

Little by little it is possible to learn think good. And even in bad to found good. Why not heaven on earth? And if all came to this? Only waiting others is too long time. For dear myself it is may be started now. Of course it has to sweat, especially in beginning.

More easy is to see worse. And that way leads you into hell. You say: only blabbing about hell on the earth, but I don’t see! It is just accustomed. For example, try to compel nonsmoker to sit a while “for a company” in smokeroom one more hour. It is true hell for him. But for smokers – usual thing.

That so heaven and hell are in us here on earth. And what will dominate depends from us, from our understanding “what is good, and what is bad”, from our directions, from our choice – from our consciousness. All this is just a question of states that we choose.

To figure out these things is not so difficulty. It is need only some think processes. By using energetic method there are only three aspects of Sympathy-partnership energies define “good”: Savity, Creativity, Unity. The other side of the coin, “evil” vexation energies of Force – Multiplication, Figmentation, Slaving – help to set off, deeply understand and awarenessify Sympathy-partnership energies.

These aspects appear wide-variously as our life. In order not to drown in such diversity we must proceed with systemization of states4

1Did you remember situation of Daniel Petric?

2Force energies are inverse of Sympathy-partnership energies – Unity, Savity, Creativity.

3“Sympathy-partnership” sounds bulky. But word for word dictionary translation of Russian «сотрудничество» nowise mirrors content of notion. However compound “sympathy-partnership” is far off from necessary meaning.

4Note “state(s)” will be used as general term of human-inherent energy- psychic state(s).