All that surrounds us and all that we doing are based on Trinity.

Let’s remember how we do something.

At the beginning idea dawns upon us, then we gather proper materials, and after that merge the idea with materials. Though, there may be other way: we already have material and then think out what to do with it. In any case there are idea, material and thing that make possibility to create, or, in other words – means of production, instruments, electroenergy and our energy – transforming power.

Turner gets a draft (an idea), a work piece (material) then with lathe machine starts to turn item. One is interested in accuracy of idea realization. Such one is respected and appreciated for skill. Another fulfils and overfulfils the schedule, has being interest only in amount of money. This one is appreciated for industrious.

In practice, of course, both have twofold interest. But, as a rule, one thing is prevail: fondness to creativity or strict necessity.

But again, in both cases, material, reforming power and a joining goal (an idea) are integrated in ideindissoluble unity. And, in both cases, result, idea that has been realized in material, will be the same. But we will see differences while making use this result in practice. The thing that was made with love to creativity will be complete satisfy to its purpose – it will be pleasant to make use and long lifetime. The thing that was made by force of hard necessity will show shortcomings very soon; lifetime will be short in spite of efforts to put patches and upgrades. When thing was created in master’s studio by master’s creative power – it is one question, when thing was made on production line by factory worker – it is other question.

Idea, material and reforming power are integral part of any work, any process. Be it needlework or article writing, forming family or forming team, building town or constructing state. These three compounds, three aspects, three types of Energy are inherent to every process.

Those aspects really have intrinsic property of energy. Reforming power does certain work for changing material – it is Energy visualization. Material is also some localized Energy. Idea is Energy too – it has capability to make master to work unceasingly or rise up masses of people to great achievements. Moreover these constituent parts turn into one type to another. At example: different master’s ideas are used as material by organizers for exhibitions; energy of masses (ideas of concrete persons plus collective’s reforming power) is used as material for nation’s leaders.

Interaction of those examined triple energy components – idea, material and transforming power – lead to positive result that as well is certain type of Energy.

Any process, i.e. idea materialization in the form of concrete result, may be illustrated as two triangles. The upper triangle is illustrating the union of material with transform power under idea direction; the lower triangle is illustrating receiving result within effecting transform power to material.

Pay attention that we have come to trinity. The upper triangle forms idea or constructs up to project engineering process: it may say – planning or ideology creating. The lower triangle realizes and materializes an idea. Item production, event conducting, experiment execution… Everybody find out something similar in own activity area. And the third element that integrates triangles into one – certain uniting energy, someone who interested in getting result from this union. In case of turning operation – a turner, in case of manufactured article – a constructor, in case of experiment realization – a scientist, in case of mass event – a director.

Well, who may to disagree? It seems to me logical: trinity is inherent of every process and every process is interest of someone. On the other hand it may be seemed somehow differently. The Trinity of ancient Slavic mythology ‑ Svarog, Perun, Svetovid. The Trinity in Hinduism – Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu. Christianity theology talks about the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Pythagoras (570 – 490 years BC.) told that all in nature divides onto three parts, and nobody can’t became indeed wise, until can be able to conceive every problem in form of triangle diagram. According to Plato (428 – 348 years BC.) every thing of perceptional physical world is created through union an idea and unseen irrational matter. Stages of development according to Hegel (1770-1831) dialectics: an abstract, a negative, a concrete.

Ok, let’s return to our life experience.

We learned to measure parameters of mechanical force, electromagnetic oscillation and different radiation types. But how we can measure power of wish or thought, because to those we heaped up so much? While performing various functions we are situate in certain states, and suitable senses are appearing. Usually, we express them with figurative language and metaphors: good thought, venomous tongue, sharp mind, stone heart, golden head, fluffy character etc. What if in place of physical parameters measuring system we will create system of our feelings and systemize them? But we analyze our feelings very rare, and simply do not know how to do this.

Try to compare feelings, for example, when your go story about something with enthusiasm, and when your listen something attentively. Not compare feelings of emotions that evoked by content of story. Compare feelings of vigorous activity’s state in process of telling and feelings of passive state’s sense. It is like a converge spiral of our energies those point to certain goal and diverge spiral of our deepen comprehension. It is like waterfall that rushes from mountain and calm lake with mirror-like surface. It is like creative man’s energy that strives for overcome all barriers and soft woman’s energy that saves a hearth’s warm.

Here they have sounded, our first basics terms: energy of Savity1 and energy of Creativity. If you don’t yet have felt feelings of those energies, try to dig up in memories and found some crisp examples.

And the third type of energy – that unites both energies – energy of Unity, energy of love. It is not tumultuous, passionate or embezzling feels that masses call “love”, but quite, tender, complete, unconditional, absolute Love. Energy that is capable to unite things that seemed ununiting, to found common in inconsistent, and to conciliate unconcilatible. What else can bring together in one harmonic intact an active single-mindedness and passive contemplation, strict necessity and freedom to act, intellect and heart?

The offered trinity scheme (Savity – Creativity – Unity) we will use as underlay for further discourse.

In different processes those aspects can perform in various appearances. At example, material-force-idea, that already have been considered.

1“Savity” – formed through verb “to save” and noun “safety”. The literal translation is “saving”, this word and nouns “safe” and “save” not fits to sense.