Vexation’s origin

We develop and help to develop people around and are in accord with nature while form process correspondingly to Laws of life – to Sympathy-partnership. Forming process with Force energies we broke Law of life, we conflict with nature and come to destructive results – disrupt ourselves and our surrounding.

From six process functions in our conflict zone I will draw attention to Grasping in the first. What become with us when Grasping function is pressed?

“I know better! Do what was sad!” “What you messy? There is long-waiting for us!” “What do you think of? This must be done this way!” “Genius! You think you are not like all?” “Who need this? I am not gotten bonus for this!” “Don’t care: getting pleasure is main thing in life!” “Ha! After us the deluge!”

Who don’t know those phrases and their variations? We even don’t think what they lead for. It is easy way to express our tendency to get a result with any price or to express our attitude to some deed. But what happens with our energy?

Appeal to our feelings again. When our aspirations to creativity are abruptly downed a peg, uncomfortable aftertaste appears. What is it? It is first feeling of supressed Grasping. Person is complex system of energetic processes. Processes have harmonious smoothly running hierarchy. Every process grasps energy from over processes, lives and develops because of its. If someone tell you “Don’t”, when you want to do work with own manner, there is a break of processes’ connection, blocking energy flow from over process. Look to a car as process. What will happen if we haven’t feed car with gas before long trip, with energy of over process? Nothing good. The same is to process of our energy-informational system, our body – being deprived of energies it leads to various illness and disease – closed system can’t properly or fully work.

Who block us Grasping function? Where is parasite that wants our blood? – Look to mirror. There is Grasping, Realization, and Unity energy maintains balance between components. And we choose ourselves to keep balance or have dealt only with Realization/Grasping domination. In last case harmony and Laws of life are broken. Do you know consequences of law break? May be you think to pay off? – Nope, it’s not juridical laws. Light a candle will not help if there ain’t any changes in heart.

Breaking balance, deeping to Realization, we isolates process form outer world, external processes and energies flowing outside. What happen with child that doesn’t listen to your wisdom hints? What turn out inattention of pupil to teacher’s words? And what be with worker that doesn’t accept instructions of director?

As our life experience tells, closed isolated from outer world processes don’t exist in nature. It’s only human, inherently inexperiencing refuses form Sympathy-partnership energies and makes with Force energy closed process, that some time after cease to exist. Only human-making laws have a boundary condition. But eternal Laws of life haven’t borders.

In the sum – we have token a good look to a process and his perversion.

What situated outside or inside process? There are also processes. – Whole space of process. What matter of it? Go to next article for considering.