Human may be illustrated as elementary process also.

Person Grasps with upper body part: eyes – visual information, nose – air, mouth – food. With lower part person Realize: digests, evacuates the bowels, and something does with legs and hands. In that case upper and lower body’s parts perform Shaping functions. Front body’s part is active in deeds, it is Runny energies in process; and back part performs Guiding function – it is Energetic component. Left brain’s part analyse and right part synthesize – it is Resulting component. Legs and hands also function: left do general, right do concrete (sometime inversely) – writing or passing a ball as example – it may be refer to Analysis and Synthesis.

What does make person to be choleric or sanguine, kind or mad in one case or another, be very quick in something and look straight through other? It is easy to explain cases of effective deeds, but how to understand well-informed self-harmful deeds? Is it a habit? But what “habit” is?

Having answers for those questions, feeling deeply and systemizing various energies – because of it we thinking, whishing and doing with certain manner – we will can more efficiently change ourselves. We will be able better and deeper understand in the question of “what is good, and what is bad”. Answer for ourselves we will answer for all whole society. Family, collective, nation is energies’ superposition of parts – i.e. persons. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” This is superposition of States.

Certain energy makes possibility for functions. It is easy to determine person’s abilities and character energies through functions. What if visible functions are not performs in given instant? How to judge about abilities? There may be talk about inner human’s States, about possibility of manifestation various states over creating potential difference in certain spectres of energies inherent in concrete states. Because of potential difference there is visible (or unseen, thinking) work and proper function performs. Superposition of separate persons’ latent (hidden, unrevealed, unlocalized) states suggests potentiality of collective that they form.

Thus, we can talk about set of states are proper of person that defines behaviour, character, and life’s story. And every person has ability to purposefully change own set of states, rear oneself, control life. But it necessary to learn to examine own states: to feel characteristic energies, to analyse them, and transforms states of Force to states of Sympathy-partnership. It is necessary to make one’s own efforts. The structure, the method will be offered and like bicycling or swimming there will be many instructions but learning is possible only by one’s own experience.