The Third Worldview

Currently, there are more often talks about ones of world, about life as single complex system that constantly evolutionary develops; scientists learning matter more and more convince all in world consist from energies fields with various degree of density that have certain information and at some levels of reality inseparably linked with each other. A lot of thoughts may be found in works of physicists Tihoplav Tatyana and Tihoplav Vitaly “Physics of faith”, “Life for hire”, also in books of Mihail Zarechny “Invisible deep of universe”, Sergey Doronin “Quantum magic”, Alexander Loyd “The Healing Code”. Besides this theme was studied by Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) and Albert Einstein (1879-1955). Finally, well-known movies “The Secret” and “What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole”, all they talks about the union evolable energy-informational field.

Since united field includes all aspects of life, so its laws may be found in all famous teachings. Those laws reflect in Veda, Talmud, Bible, Koran, works of Plato, Thomas More, Karl Marx and others philosophers, theologists, theosophists and scientists of all ages. Some of their ideas were accepted as blueprint for action. Of course, they were interpreted and figured out by certain consciousness with corresponding language. Somewhere laws of life were distorted or misrepresented; somewhere we distort ideas where formulated with unusual language and images.

So, our task is developing the understanding of old schemes and ideas of world order, and not to hold for them ancient forms. Leo Tolstoy expressed a thought with the words: “Religious consciousness of mankind (the understanding of Laws of life) is not fixed, but always change, becoming more clear and distinct.” One of the founding fathers of geopolitics Carl Schmitt said: “I have came to conclusion: it is good now, if we refuse to give old answer to new question. And it is already much more, if we aware new world now not through scheme of “new world” that existed yesterday.”

Apprehending unity of whole world and continuity of ideas though all human history, analysing and generalizing experience accumulated during ages we will able to formulate new worldview, put down the Laws of life in up-to-date language for modern level of consciousness’s development.

While wording some thoughts man express understanding of attributes and relations of objects and phenomenona. In developing of consciousness and widening field of activities the variety of phenomena under study grows. Person is aware of more complex correlations in all spheres of his activities. Worldview changes, with new functions new energies are adapted. In the long run socium’s structure changes and become more complex, changes within all social spheres – education, economic, science, religion. Things, that early seems conflicting, incomparable, opposing, begin realizing as organic whole, acquire new senses. Notions follow to consciousness and globalize too. See next table.

Stage of consciousness’ development





Social structure


Relation of production





Action (mastering one’s body)



Natural condition

Gathering, hunting

Natural condition




Planning (mastering environment’s forces)



Head of family of clan


Another’s clan

Other person


Consumer conceptions





Workmanship, commerce

Another’s tribe

Collective (union of persons)




Fire (chemistry)


Parochial school


Another’s princedom (collective)

State (union of collectives)


Social conception

Cognition (analysis of information)

Light and electricity


Social school

Factory and public industry

Another’s state

Union of state


Union Field (one process)

Process’ forming


States’ union

School of partnership

Interstates’ union

Another’s union of states



Conceptions of planetary partnership

Cognition o Truth

Element of truth


School of consciousness’ evolution

International concern

Sympathy-partnership – Force

I think, most demonstrative is process of globalizing the notion “one’s – another’s”. It fairly represents things that we already make aware and things that didn’t, things that we accept as common with us and things as object for denial, struggle, exclusion.

While person take care only of own advantages – he exploits environment, struggle with it and strive to subdue it under own concerns. And than suffer from cataclysms: poor crop, drought, flood, tornado, earthquake. Inability to receive interest of other person, intention to oppress his to own vector, that is dictated by good intention, results to confrontation, accusations and fears. While consciousness expands person begin to care of environment and collectives. He make more and more global tasks. It is all owing to globalization of the notion “one’s – another’s”.

If since ancient time up to XIX century clans, tribes, princedoms, states made wars, than in XX century people were able to unite states into unions and alliances. Planetary interests have revealed, that displayed in approaches of wars and transformed to world status. Geopolitics was founded and divided in its ideas all planet to two opposing sides. «Geopolitics starts and ends with statement of unremoving fatal dualism, “great continental war”, the planetary duel of two global types of civilization – “terrestrial” and “marine”,» – Dugin writes. It is discoursing about planetary interests, which means that geopolitics bases on ideas of six Level. Dugin contrasts geopolitics to the project-idea mundialisation: “Mundialisation, in theory at least, asserts essential “humanistic” unity of mankind, where any divisions are presented as sporadical, random and qualitative “negative” phenomena”. It seems like the Third Worldview. But. Mundialisation reflects interest of certain groups, trying to place others’ interests under own, acting with principles of Force. Is it possible to unite humanity on such terms?

At seven Stage consciousness acquires planetary qualities, mankind is aware oneself as integer organism. But as before “evil” and “good” remain in every man, ideas of force and cooperation.

Deep learning of notions Force and Sympathy-partnership gives ability to oversee both good and bad things were brought by transmitters of first and second worldviews. From this position we could understand planetary conceptions’ role and place in life.

In the First and Second worldview’s stages mankind didn’t analyse global process and use simple intuitive ideas of gods (or God) which help and give energies for deeds and guarantee existence of entity. Step by step but objectification of worldviews ideas guided mankind on the way of development. Geopolitics and mundialisation try to analyse and understand complexity of planetary process, but they throw out idea of God (idea of higher-level process, Law of process’ multiplicity), they close a system. Hence there are necessity in force: subduing and intrusion certain rules to states, that means control Realization of process. It is way into nowhere, it is not further a Development.

If world of Force worked out ideas of planetary worldview, than world of Sympathy-partnership must has it. World of Force impose one’s own understanding of Laws of life, and we unconsciously accept it. But world of Sympathy-partnership only offers and states, they can be accepted only consciously, by developing grasp, being aware and making an efforts on the way of partnership.

The Laws of life in one or another form were expounded by philosophers and scientists in all ages. Modern (through XX century up to day) esoteric literature is most adaptive for understanding and accords to requests of time. Beginning from Blavatsky’s “The Secret Doctrine” that has ‘boring’ and ‘delving’ language of research science to popular fiction novels by Richard Bach. There are: “Agni Yoga” by H.Roerich, “The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception” by M.Heindel, “The Rose of the World” by D.Andreyev, “Seven great mysteries of the cosmos” by S.Stulgincky, “Two Life” by K.Antarova, “The Great Initiates” by E.Schure, series of “Diagnostics of karma” by S.Lazarev and “Ringing Cedars” by V.Megre, Mirzakarim Norbekov, Lobsang Rampa, Dan Millman, Kim Michael’s books and a lot of others theoretical, research-applying and fiction types of works.

Today, there is strong inner interests to Laws of Life among youth and new generation those are pressed by materialistic thinking that is strengthened by exact science, economics, education and health care systems. When material welfare elevates to rank of goal, than a man, being without answers for inner requests, become drunkard or drug addicted, deserts one’s family, commits suicide. Or, in most cases, he fades on work that no gives joy or interest, works negligently without soul, works only for exterior form. French mathematician Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) said: “People look for pleasure, rush from one side to another, because of feel the vacuousness of their lives but haven’t felt yet the vacuousness of new amusement that magnets them.”

At Fifth stage, critical mass had interest in exact sciences and particular, applying knowledge. Now, at Six stage we have to comprehend in a new way Laws of life and to formulate the Third worldview from acquired skills of scientific analysis and generalization of facts. It gives ability to create the ideology of interstate partnership at whole planet, work out politics of internal development of each state, cultivate the psychology of evolutional development of every person, restore environment ecology and learn to care of one’s physical body’s health