Constructivism and destructivism

Force energies generate interest as well as Sympathy-partnership at every Level of consciousness. I recall that processes of Sympathy-partnership are formed on Savity, Creativity, Unity; and processes of Force on Multiplication, Figmentation, Slaving.

Process based on Sympathy-partnership is characterized by lightness, gladness, and manageability. With Force the work goes on with difficulty because of person has closed energies itself and do not grasp energies of higher process. Concept of stern necessity forces out quite, calm, meditative and creative joy – and job progress with heavy gloom or hard controlling agiotage. This grows up a need to ‘relax’: break for smoking or spend a half-hour with a bottle. Someone goes to disco, where artificial irrepressible exhilaration closing to affective state is taken for joy. Force energies subdue us, and we cannot stop even understanding that something isn’t right. A need to ‘relax’ become stronger, and new dose causes to stronger ‘relaxativer’ – legal or illegal drug. This ‘relax’ is characterized by inappropriate behaviour. In such state is impossible to create but only to crack something. Sympathy-partnership is way for construction, Force – for destruction.

Consciousness of first Level joys abilities of own body and work on its shortcomings with enthusiasm. Or hates those shortcomings and aggravates them more deeply.

Consciousness of second Level joys environment: sunshine, plants, living creatures, people – and pleasurly communicates with them. Or intents to subdue nature to own passions under pretence of satisfactions material needs, that later on is indignant to cataclysms.

Consciousness of third Level easy find out common language with other and gladly help him if question or task appears. Or blames for “wrong” behaviour, gives lecture or intimidates while being assured in rightness of good intentions, and wonder why all deeds have so negative responses.

At forth level consciousness is able to hold contradictions of people’s interests that form collective, and create solid team based on common interest providing development of every member of it. Inability to hold and harmonize interests of members goes to authoritarian rule and progress the Force energies cause to conflict situations shaped like fear, suspicion, passivity, aggression, greed and furthers sick rate with, of course, hampering Development.

Advanced consciousness of fifth Level is able to work out ideology that unites opposite collectives and to form strong balanced state. Inability to form one goal, pursuit for personal or corporative interest, intention to bend to one’s will all disobedient at all costs results to decaying and breakup of the state.

Six-level consciousness is engaged in consolidation of states, creation of alliances and unions. Sympathy-partnership energies take into consideration diversity interests of states and Force energies intend to oppress other states. Energy-informational structure of the powers that be have both Sympathy-partnership energies and Force energies. Something they do with Sympathy-partnership and something with Force energies. Therefore both constructive and destructive intentions place in unions. Destructive intentions all the same for different unions, alliances and blocs. Constructive intentions may have individual aspects, features and interesting achievements of each union cause to development. Take for example capitalistic and communistic systems – both may be accused in double standards, corruption, ecology decay, bloody deeds. But it may be seen that capitalistic system successfully completes tasks of creating good material base for individual-oriented development; and communistic system completes tasks of collective-oriented development of consciousness, it helps easily understand and accept interest of other collective and state, person with such consciousness faster adopts and grasps foreign country’s mentality.

Seventh Level unites states’ unions in one planet scale, and chosen ideology will guide building on the planet — it forms world of Force or world of Sympathy-partnership. All process on the planet will be formed on struggle, confrontation and subjection; or on partnership, mutual understanding and respecting of other experience.

Forming processes at Force principles – it is forming a closed systems, limited evolutional development and cultivating a results’ lusting. Incapable to grasp energies of upper processes every process in world of Force lives only for itself at the expense of wringing from lower process. In case of lower process grows up for current level it stops to produce results that is necessary for ex-dominating process. Therefore, every process try to limit development of subordinate process, and this process advances “rightful” demands to supervisory process. It is the way of degradation and self-destruction in the end.

In the world of Sympathy-partnership an ability of grasping assists to aware laws of environment, understand own place in socium, cohere wishes with own capabilities and with environment’s properties. Everyone acquires feeling of world oneness, close interdependency one from all and all from one. Creator of process takes into account interests of process’ members, leans on to theirs actual abilities, assists in development. Creator understands that a development of all members will rise process and him to higher level. At the same time everyone tends to learn laws of process and understand laws according to creator acts. Such way is the way of evolutionary development for each person and all society.

Summary, it is our choice, which way to go, which principles to found for system of education, which to cultivate – force or partnership. But for aware choice, there is need to adjust generally accepted notions recording to their using by world of Force and world of Sympathy-partnership.

Well, it has been said a lot. Someone has understood something and made an attempt to change some things in self. However, someone read those opuses and puzzles: “What so complexities for? Just enjoy life and fulfil the commandments. That’s all!” Besides, there were so much stories, talks, discussions, writings from various sides by various persons.

It is the theme of the next article.