Unity of Life

When we work with enthusiasm at some problem, such as – constructing sand town or constructing elementary particle accelerator, thinking about organization of the Universe or thinking about society development, – we learn laws of life. And we move from simple to complex.

When we formulate the law for specified effects, then we expend a range of our interests, and we inevitably conflict with contradictions. Succeed in merging of new with old understanding in the conciseness we formulate more global united law. No matter how we like old customary laws we can’t term cases, that determinate a limit on cognition of World, a limit to reach new horizons of One Truth.

Laws of One Truth become apparent differently in different conditions. We learn those laws from birth until the last day of life. We learn both on our examples, and on another’s. We learn in the simplest and most challenging situations of present and long-past days. Memory of past forms traditions and manners, and guided by them help to be successful in present. Analysis of past and knowledge of traditions help with understanding and planning future. At the same time they interfere. It is very hard to break through frames of solid stereotypes and images, and clear the way for new thinking, that time requires!

Dual nature as well is our life’s one law. That’s terrestrial gravitational field forces both to a rock, to a man and to the Moon. It gives a mean to form living on the Earth, and it hinders flying to planets. Traditions and mentality stereotypes help to form living both to scientists, to statesmen, to verges and to common men. On other side, they interfere to look at life with new positions. For scientists it is hard to accept another worlds’ existence and draw up new research methods for changed situation, when they already have developed methods of estimating physical world. For statesmen it is hard to accept primacy of doer creative interest and secondary of director’s pursuit to dictate one’s own will, when they already formed a system of states’ life controlling. Monotheistic Church gained wide experience of faith forming, but it cannot even thinking about possibility of free truth seeking by anyone. That’s no wonder. The man in the street in most cases so buried under consumer’s gravels life stereotypes, that there is no way for idea of consciousness changing to settle down in his mind.

Conventional traditions and stereotypes frame mental outlooks. But life goes forward and that expands horizons, grows consciousness and changes attitudes to life. Human directions of interests change as far as consciousness grows. At the same time objects of study and used concepts change. Some time ago man has used concrete definitions to describe objects that perceived by our sense organs such as stone, water, plaint, animal, man. Then he found out molecules, atoms, elementary particles and different types of radiation. It is required new concepts, definitions and research tools. Such concepts as energy, information, virtual object, process are currently extensively used. And close used concepts emerge – quantum entanglement, nonlocal states, decoherence, recoherence.

Through website pages we will take a good look to our life – and the fact that we build with owns hands, and that nature creates for us, and our whole society. We will consider these with new conceptions that already became usual for us. We will look to our life as generic process of united evolable energy-informational field.

Why is “process”? All that may cast a glance is a process.

Why is “generic”? Because our interpretation (will be presented in further articles) of “process” is suitable for any process – bicycle wheel, electromagnetic wave, human body, human whishes, human thoughts, human consciousness, organization of society.

Why is “field”? Physics tell that all consists from elementary particles, and particles are occurrence of certain field. Therefore all is occurrence of this field.

Why is “energy-informational”? Call me a real process that not contains information and not based on energy.

Why is “evolable”? Evolution is life. Involution is death. We will consider questions of life and development, barely setting off them by mentioning of involution destructive process. Creation of a new is impossible without wrecking an old.

Why is “united”? One Truth, that humanity learning for, is capable to reveal itself through united laws only in united field.

Energy, information, field.

Energy is material; information is power that modulating energy and giving it certain sense; field is interaction result of information with field. Radiated radio waves by transmitter are example.

While man learning life, he more become assured that inherently of all over is energy.

Some time ago objects perceived as firm mechanical matter. In the XVII century, on the assumption of planets’ motion and their moons, I.Newton formulated the laws of classical mechanics. In the XIX century M.Faraday used the field concept during electromagnetic effects researches. But life had been bringing up new riddles and then answers were relativity theory and quantum mechanics. Currently there is talking about existence of united energy field for explanation of some effects, and elementary particles are considered as manifestation of this field in different observation conditions. And every time when new theory was being created, notion “energy” was used in one or another form. Besides that all definitions of “energy” involve capability of doing certain work.

Aristotle (IV B.C.) in “Nicomachean Ethics” interprets “energy” as form of power, capability to make achievements in a scope of man activity. Our emotions and thoughts have certain power and capable to do certain work, which means that they have energy, psychic energy.

In that way, when we scrutiny any life’s phenomenona, we may see something common, the base of life – energy.

Human is most wonderful manifestation of life that contains all known energy forms. Psychologists tell about certain human potential, factor or capital as about quality that fundamentally influences on human activity. We will call that factor the Energy1, and it will be the object of our researches. Research laboratory will be our life. And research tool will be our organism that has perfect sense of our energy’s condition. In the role of researcher we invite a reader of those lines. Writer will be recounting of owns experience, making generalizations and inferences. A readers task will be rethinking owns’ life experiences, situations and feelings, constructively analyzing them, consciously trying to handle with them, than drawing one’s own conclusions.

Together, by analyzing, systematizing and learning different conditions, we will try to determine common processes that typical both for classical physics phenomenona and for society’s events. For those purposes there will be set generalized functions’ structure. Also we will offer (in separated section) to use quantum physics’ language to understand such structure — Hilbert space, basic states set that describes human psychology.

Somebody will tell that founding on feelings comes only to subjective conclusions. But it is only one side truth: it will be independent subjective conclusions by one concrete person for one’s own life experience. Second side is creatively using all these conclusions on practice will help to develop person’s consciousness and, as a result, change life.

Inferences and conclusions may be done only in incessant self mental efforts that are applied to given information. On this website your will not came across with authority scientists views in the capacity of some truth vindication. The fact that has been set forth on the website as well needn’t to perceive as ultimate authority truth: it is only information to mental outlook meant to those who seek for independently thinking, learning laws of life, analyzing one’s states, changing oneself.

The theory will be set forth in the beginning of the website. The theory was built on results of life experiments and observations. Certain regularities will be noted, the model of generalized energy process and the model of energy-informational human being structure will be offered.

Thereafter we may consider different living questions from a position of this theory.

1All key terms, that characterize and describe schema of united energy informational field, will be named with capital letter. In common, cross and other senses it will be used small letter. (Translator’s note.)