Levels’ connection

Due to life experience we can watch how processes nest to each other. Remember any process from your practice, a process directly depending from you, a process getting you unique experience, a process that ceases to exist without your attention. Also you can name uncontrolled to you outer process on which depends yours, which help or interfere your intentions; and name lower processes depends on yours. This is a demonstration of law of processes’ nesting. If process is active, strong and growing it is always a part of outer more complex process.

Thereupon we can talk about openness of evolvable process. Inasmuch as it becomes closed, its involution and decay will begin. Image a house of bubbling with life family. House itself and household plot are mirror of joyful wellbeing. But derelict house, unneeded to anyone, existing without owner attention – such house gradually becomes worthless, ruins and finally perish from the earth.

Levels are also processes and nest to each other. It may be illustrated as annual rings. Each posterior rig as if energetic body forms on the base of prior and mirrors its abilities and defects on the way of development. Such, the prosperous learn in overcoming own disadvantages the better understanding between persons will be. If person haven’t learn to understand and to comprehend other with his or her aspirations, on which energies collective will be formed? On Force energies of sure.

Development of preceding Levels doesn’t stop with forming of higher Levels. Each previous process must develop ability for tasks’ realization of next Levels. Thus, relations between co-workers in new, just formed team, differ by complexity with old-established team. Collective grows, its structure become more complex, complexity degree of tasks rises and kind of relationship also changes. It may say, Sphere of teammates grow. For example, small team with interesting ideas and testing ground in ramshackle shed develop to state of international corporation with staff of many thousands and high production capacities in various countries. In first case all questions may be resolved with verbal arrangement, incorrectness can be amended and fix in any moment; in second case all must be precisely, concrete and documented. If consciousness hasn’t comprehended more complex requirements yet, then it may be hard to explain necessity of plan’s and action’s documentation.

We always talk about processes’ development. But what is “development”? Follow to free-based electronic encyclopaedia “Wikipedia” (Russian version) development is irreversible, directed, regular changing of material and ideal objects; it is universal characteristic and general principle for definition nature, society and knowledge. Notice to next moments: 1) there is no said about creative or destructive direction of changing, but most of all word “development” is used in positive sense; 2) development performs as general principle for explanation everything’s history. Well, but how this principle realizes in human’s life? – Through interests. Person has interests in things that help to develop. It may be questioned: interest in booze is also intention of development? – Yes. First step, step of cognition – it is constructive, but second step, step of drink-with-or-without-case – it is destructive. Destructive processes also intent to develop1.

So, person’s interests tell us about his/her consciousness, tell about Level of interests. But again, it is more clearly seen through analysis of stage of person development from baby to adult.

1In current sense “development” means expanding. Destructive processes, processes based on Force energies by its nature, ontologically, cannot evolve. And, of course, notion “develop” and words based on it, in the main is being used in our articles with sense of Sympathy-partnership energies.