Human nurture

Who would not to see own child healthy, successful and happy? Every mature person had time to gain life experience and made image about how must live and nurture: child, husband, wife, colleges, and everyone chances to meet. But how often we think about what is necessary for developing person’s consciousness (or if only about consciousness as object, as part of life)? After all, how person perceives occurrences and events happen with and around him – that is define happiness. Do we have a right impose our stereotypes to others? Or our task is to help him in every possible way to realize creative intentions?

On the assumption of energy-informational structure’s scheme, it may be sad, that in this world person have business with 36 basic energies performing 17640 functions.

Characters of newborns differ from each other, and possess various abilities. It points to differences in starting values of characters’ parameter. Moreover, everyone has individual tempo and direction of development. Everyone during the life reach certain achievements in ability’s development. There is multitude number of characters, and infinitive number of person development’s programs. And everyone, even most little person, knows own program. Look to persistence of toddler – not long ago they have learned to walk and now trying over and over again to overcome high doorsill. It is their program at this moment. It is their interest and theirs moment of development. How we must react: interrupt endless tries, because of we haven’t time to protect child from fall, or help to gain such experience? Before make a decision let’s analyse our feelings. Feelings, when we lovely look after uncertain but continual tries of little one, and see his exultant air directed to you and hear joyful “I did it!” in case of succeed. This is feelings of Sympathy-partnership energies. Compare to those feelings: it seems we play with little one, but our head is filled with thoughts that timesleeping came, that there is necessary get down to laundering and make a dinner, and you finally totally get tired from this and only wait when he will learn to do by oneself. These are feelings of Force energies. But what child feels? Trying to drive process in narrow bounds of our notions, fit to some model – it is violation of free creation’s law that hinder person’s development. And feelings are unpleasant both for you and child.

German writer, satirist, physicist Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742-1799) said: “We not enough know a human in order that not to leave opportunity to perform it (upbringing) – if it may be so expressed. I’m sure, if our pedagogues had success in their goal, – I want to say: if they were able to bring up children fully as they want, then we would not have a single true great man. Usually nobody teach us the most necessary in life. God forbid, if man, having nature as teacher, will become piece of wax marked with exalted image of some professor.”1

For teacher it remains only with love to learn interests and abilities of student and to make situations that help to develop constructive abilities restraining destructive intentions – that is essence of educational process.

Who nurture if teacher make only conditions? Opportunity? Nature? To develop consciousness, energy-informational structure, it may be said – to develop energetic muscles, is capable only person in the course of thought and aimed working for self. Same way like sportsmen develops physical muscles. It is good when it occurs not in result of heart and physical suffering.

What stages may be mark outs in the way of consciousness developing? 7 years cycles are better than other lay over life.

On coming to this world, child first seven years develops 1st Level, cognize own “I” on the bottom Level – master his physical body. On this stage physical body forms, habits of controlling it are acquired, abilities are learned and develop. Second segment of life during 7 years growing man learn surrounding world. This may be call “I-environment”. Contacts with environment rapidly expand; its components and ways of interaction with them are learned. Physical body gain more fine skills of action with environment’s objects. The 3rd segment is studying of interaction with other person – “I-I”. At this stage of development a teenager has interests in more deep communication and interactions with peers.

These stage may be called a period of person-oriented development.

Further a process become complicated – collective appears on the scene. Wishes and abilities not only one person but a numerous must be taken in to consideration; consciousness must form integral image from separate units. 4th Level’s energies develop while learning collective’s life: understanding of collective’s interests and gaining skills of create a collective. But there is difference between them. Besides various persons, collectives are formed for various tasks: to make material things, to teach children, to treat sick men, to research. All these collectives unite to integral organism is called state. For coordinate such mechanism there must be developed 5th Level. In this 7-year stage laws of harmonization of multi-faceted collectives’ interests are been conscious and skills of forming states’ level processes are gained.

4th and 5th stages may be called period of collective-oriented development. Persons differ from each other, they form collectives with various natures, and collectives form states having different characters and unique mentality. As far states develop as fields of interests begin more and more collide, often confronting with each other. Further consciousness’ development allows to accommodate discrepant interests and to bind states to unions. Common economical (material) interests allow create relatively small short-duration unions. Common ideological systems allow create great unions that include diverse economic interests. Such unions have an influence on fate of whole planet. At 6th stage person grasps intricacy of union’s creating and his activity acquire planetary characteristic scale. At 7th stage consciousness begins to accommodate principles and commons that help to remove contradictions between states’ unions and unite all people on the planet.

This period may be called planetary-oriented development of person.

Well, like not all finish a college or university or even didn’t get full school education, the same to aforesaid, not all reach the 5th stage of development (not to mention of 6th or 7th stages).

Transition from one level to another is gradual. Nature doesn’t endure harsh changes. High level smoothly includes while current is actively developing and process of ability’s perfection of low level is progressing. Lower levels are instrument for tasks of higher level.

In that way man is developing during all his life. While man grows we usually grow our requirements to him, from birth to death, gradually neglecting free will and individual characteristics. School and university have rigid system that cut out various type of nonstandard and unconventional ideas and flashes of personality. Becoming an ‘adult’ man already has full-blown imprinted by society “must!”-verb matrix. If he doesn’t accept it, that means he is loafer.

How it is been said, every person goes on own way while developing Levels and abilities; there are different starting conditions, tempos and vectors of development. But natural laws are common. For physical body, for Levels of forms, deeds and situations regularities are clearly evinced. Therefore we better understand problems of babies; understand why he can’t do a physical work that a grown-up can. And we suppose that it is applying to most of other deeds – art, science, politics or whatever you want. That everyone healthy adult can do everything depending only from degree of laziness and peace of luck. The matter is harder to output natural laws for higher Levels without purpose observation and analysis. Every person easy passes and successfully finishes certain segments of life to some stuck point, and further he must develop “stuck” types of energies. And there is senseless to demand to jump over own head. Frequently we don’t aware this simple truth trying to compel do that heart is not in. That discords with man task of development and lay to forming of Force energies. As a result person stop to develop and begin degrade. And we wonder: “How can you fall so deep?”

All our life we develop consciousness, our energy-informational structure, step-by-step accumulate life’s experience, and accordingly to the law of processes’ nesting proceed from simple to complex Levels of consciousness in the course of development. Besides we unable to pass own experience with others, we only can share information about it.

1It is paraphrasing by Leo Tolstoy in “Circle of reading”.