“Why is it for?”

Whom and why all this is needed (things is talked on the site)?

If person tends only to live and rejoice life as is with all matrixes from birth to death, i.e. go with the crowd, and look for issues out of self (in milieu, environment, people around, economic slump) – the site is not for him. Information on the site belongs to those who ready to accept responsibility for what is going to oneself, who tends to get to know, analyse and change oneself.

But how to change, analyse and get to know? If scheme, set of parameters do not present than talks become pointless.

Multiplies schemes are exist. Every religion, brunch of psychology and pedagogy, every activity have views to necessary set of person’s parameters, requirements for it and methods of its executions. Some accentuate to love for neighbours, some to neutrality of mind, some to purposefulness, some to openness of chakras. Well, if there are talks, than it has a ground.

Process of development has stage of learning a theory and experimenting with it, and stage of surpassing a theory. If you have learnt various religions and teachings with various degrees of immersion already, and you feel that something is missed, that you need something more concrete, some frames and parameters that describes your states that yields to quantitative analysis, and you haven’t been satisfied with certain methods, than you, probably, will be interested in information of the site.

The scheme of energy-informational structure we examined already. Besides, a basis of main states is taken strictly from life, that reader can easy-feel. Main goal is also clear – selfchanging through transforming Force energies to Sympathy-partnership. However, what difference between offered method from others?

Let’s take look to basic state of mostly religions: “love your neighbour, as yourself”. Sound simple and understandable. It seems you love… but suddenly: “He such a moron!” Caching yourself you will think: “Well, I love him. But if I love him, that’s mean I have to guide him to the right pass”. – Logically, isn’t it? In most case thinking stops on this moment. Otherwise it can be used our method – begin to analyse. Remember your feel in process of ‘guiding’, and compare it with feels when you admire by first steps of baby. Do you desire to instruct him how to move one foot after another? You just feast one’s eye on this process of self-discovery. Certainly those feelings are familiar – feelings of Force and Sympathy-partnership energies. While analysing and discerning feelings you specify notion of love, and become to understanding that such ‘guiding’ has no relation to love.

We have observed not a few situations that were multiplied by own memories, but feelings – only two: Slaving and Unity. With pairs Multiplication – Savity, Figmintation – Creativity we have 6 states of energy-informational structure that we need clearly distinct for basic work. Formalized approach, and as effect is minimization of analysed states, is the key difference of our method.

The basic states – are 6, and aim – only 3 of them (Sympathy-partnership energies). Nevertheless, there are a lot of variants of states’ manifestation. Think of energy-informational human’s structure with “6+7+7+10=30” parameters. Every from 30 have to be tuned to Sympathy-partnership energies. Quite a few. Other methods work, in the issue, with combinations of those 30, i.e. with 2940 characteristics. But we described parameters that clearly reveal in earthly activities of man.

Well, how to work with such sums? It may seem horrible, but easy to done if begin with a little.

Our method allows finding a “gap”, parameters that habitual used with Force. With development of skills, it is not complicated to work with groups of parameters. At this stage other figurative methods can be very handy. And higher acrobatics when all parameters over body habitually work with Sympathy-partnership energies. If something throws to Force, than it tracking and correcting without detail analysis.

In a beginning there is need training with individual spot, and logically to choose most important – energetic centres, or chakras. (You can find a lot of materials about them in Internet and bookstores.) No need to worry that chakras also have many various types and specification. First steps are most tough. Think of it: if you some way will carry information to baby, just learning to walk, how many steps he having to do in the future, than his whishing will disappear. Therefore – boldly tackling the matter!

Take any form 7 basic chakras and try to analyse. Listen to feelings of certain energies, for example, 3rdCenter-RealizationSavity Diapason. Feel a state of most deep calm. Dо you feel? Don’t hurry with answer: compare with other centre. It is important to sense difference of feelings. By now, it is analysis. And if you have felt difference, in spot where is some sort of dead wall instead calm, try to gain feeling of this calm. It is the process of work with own energies, transmutation a Force to Sympathy-partnership.

Being skilled in differentiation of feelings in various Diapasons, accustomed to analyse and acquired in transmutation technique, it easy to get rid of annoyance, apathy, agiotage and even diseases. Besides, it is not fighting with symptoms, but removing causes. Such way is possible to change ones character to better side. And not only character, but all that happen in life. Of course, every work needs training and practice, gaining experience and developing skills. Take into account that it is not one-time work – done and forgot: yesterday current Diapason was running on Sympathy-partnership, but today you have outraged to someone or something – and have passed into Force already. Or simpler – gone to bed with one state, have waked with other. But no need to be in despair, experience shows that in time a harmony become more usual state. What you strive for that you get. Question is in ability to invest necessary energy.

Thus, you may being in habitual state of ‘stability’ makes illusion of harmony and joy, from time to time be kicked out of such state. But, when begin to understand that cause of disbalance is deeply buried in yourself, than question appears: what for to wait moment when cause reveal itself, moreover in most unsuitable time? Is not better to undertake preemptive actions? – There is where we need knowledge of processes’ energy-structure.

Unlimited variety of Force energy revelation and our ability of habituation perfectly build a state of ‘stability’. The author of these lines had opportunity in one day to observe next picture. Three young men walk and lively debate about something. All three have different steps: one place foot along the line of movement, second – outside and third – inside. Each of them, for sure, think that his step is natural and normal. None of talks with them about muscles’ hypersthenia and hypotonus will give any results, until person doesn’t pay attention to own problem itself. So, by habit we can ‘calmly’ act with Force and believe that staying in peacefully state.

Therefore, for breaking illusions we need experience of recognition states of Sympathy-partnership from states of Force.

There are answers like “I am going to have good live without those intricacies!” Ok, indeed will have, but how? “With funning and indulging itself, and then is not care less”. One may it.

Many questions exist that can’t be answered if person doesn’t believe in certain things, such as reincarnation or universe’s magnet. If doesn’t feel that he (his soul, higher Self, energy-informational structure) comes to this dense world more than once like in school, every time moving up to the next year (or repeat year).

If you have read previous pages, than you agree that human is not simple set of bones with meat outgrowth and others protein-nucleic attributes. Essence is energy-informational structure. From school is well known that energy doesn’t disappear, moreover such complex. You already know that every process has a creator. Human is process, energy-informational process. Consequently, there is exist his creator, his teacher. Is it father with mother? They even not creators of physical body. Can we call wood and jackplane the creators of a stool? Well they do not have any slightest idea what they create. They are just material and instrument of a joiner. And father with mother, usually, don’t know about system of physical body, not to mention the elementals and other builders of life. Not going to details, say that main is intention to hear own teacher, unwillingness to stay for second year of life’s school, understanding of high value of time, that have been given to gain experience in this form and to prepare a base for next study year.

One more thing. About processes in socium. Processes of human more easily, understandable, concrete and unambiguously are described from energy-informational position. The same can be said about socium. The energetic approach help to generalize various knowledge about events where been in socium. Understanding, that energy of society is assembled from energies of its members, gives new view to cause-and-effect relations of observed events.