Forming of interests

We already told about seven spheres of functioning, about intention of consciousness to aware those Spheres, and about corresponding Levels. Each level has specified states. Those states are capable to create energetic potential difference, due to various work perform at all Levels. However, ability to create potential difference must be trained. Like are muscles for physical work. While training we gain certain skill, learn something new. But only when process is trained on interest and not on strict necessity.

Firstly, we learn own body, assimilate and develop skills of controlling it, learn to keep it clean and in good form. How could it be otherwise? It is necessary for performing different work. A child use every opportunity to call “I do.” and in succeed case “I did!” That is the manifestation of just the “universal explanation principle of nature, society and cognition history” – the manifestation of intention to development. Energies of Deeds actively develop at this stage. The planning and whishing of something relate only with satisfaction of body needs. And interest to toys has basic goal in learning and development of one’s own body: trying to reach, to grasp, to twist and to feel feelings that appear with it.

Gradually serious interest to object of environment begins to reveal; object performs as object of cognition. How toy was made, how it functions, what structure it has? – Sharp growing of image about environments is on second 7-years stage.

Besides school, child attends in hobby group. It assists to broad child’s horizons – depending on hobby group he gain ability to visit and learn other institutions, cities, countries. And one thing when parents take him to travel in 5 age, and other thing when he travel at 10 age with certain purpose – to show his skills and to learn from others. In first case child has unconscious interest and watches what is shown to him. In second case he realizes his interest. For example, if child is member of music band or choreographic collective, during concert he able to distinct reaction of “their” and “them” audience. Energies of Planning develop on this stage – laws of environment is became aware and man learn to use them in own purposes, and for satisfaction material needs. Extending example with audience – intention to show abilities without involving of teacher’s instructions and plans, intention to sing or to dance out of door with own understanding of process.

Gradually become apparent conscious interest to other person. Not like perceiving other as training device for practicing of one’s own abilities – to climb up to fathers shoulders and stand up in full height – or not like means for gaining another toy. But perceiving other person as assistant in searching for answers to various questions, and first of all questions like “Why this is good, but this is bad?” On third 7-years stage interest spreads to spiritual needs – understanding of other person, understanding laws of interaction with. Environment rise up feels that man intensively try to comprehend. He learn not just manipulating with surrounding objects (including animals and men), but learn to feel their needs and intentions with compare to owns – consciously to make decisions accordingly to feels. Energies of Wishing actively develop. Own wishing regularly become contrary to others, and moment of choose is moment of development. Besides that, qualities of wishes change. The goal is not simply to gain something, but to “taste” a process – to satisfy interest from planning and from overseeing for the process’ realization.

Are you not forgetting to keep an eye on feels, when we finger various Levels and Energies? While watching over own feels you learn to analyse states. Good indication when you feel (feel the differences of state) Force energies in some Diapason – it is mean, that you have hooked them, and able to transform to Sympathy-Partnership. But how to do it? You have to change attitude to situation that is emerged by Force energies. For example, next feeling is shown up: “How he doesn’t want? If I need than he must do it! I will figure out how to compel him!” Have you remembered similar situation? Besides, your own. Slaving energies is good looked out. Relax. He did not must to you. – You have to arrive to this conclusion not just through mind reasoning, but through state of feeling an attention to this person, to his problems. If he doesn’t want to comply your request notwithstanding it is easy to him, remember feels when you watch for your pouting child that play up and doesn’t want something to do. Situations are similar, but feels are different! Well, remember then “the bad person” again. Does indignation appear? Then remember child one more time. Repeat until you will feel wonder: “Why I have flown off the handle? I can do it without this good one!” If you make progress, then, after all, when you will be had to turn for help to this person again, you will be surprised that he meet you with joyful.

In that way, don’t forgetting look after own feels let’s return to observing interests in various Levels.

At beginning of fourth stage person have accumulated certain experience with different collectives and its activities. On earlier stages person learned to do direct work and to planning complex work with individual satisfaction from a process. On fourth stage person aware this experience and begin to believe in own strength to solve teams problems. Feeling of team spirit is become aware, laws of collective’s forming are learned, skills of creating a collective’s goal, of making tasks for goal and work’s casting are developed. If person have arrived to just formed collective, it is will be interesting to observe how collective is progressing, how begin to develop smaller teams for certain tasks, how collective’s structure become more complex.

In the same time a collective forms in surroundings of others collectives that have another goals and interests, which must be taken into account. Such way a creator of collective gradually accumulate experience in cooperation with others collectives, like in third stage accumulated communication experience with other persons.

On fifth stage this experience become aware: laws of interaction of such large groups are learnt, and some skills are gained which help to complete tasks and resolve problems of various collectives at country level. A state resolves questions of material and spiritual needs through systems of manufacture, religion, health-care, education those includes persons, families, from smallest to biggest collectives. Fifth stage requires definite knowledge, exact wording and statements of questions. Cognition basic energy intensively develops – energy of knowing of process forming – with corresponding interests. Creator of 5th Level process has to work among others states (leaders) with taking to mind theirs interests.

6th Level develops while understanding laws that regulate interactions between states, and gaining experience of international alliances and states’ union. At the same time, sixth based energy develops – person learn to form processes, learn to create using all experience of previous levels.

Some aspects of 6th Level are researched by geopolitics. It talks about “regions” and “interests of regions” that begin play great role at stage of socium’s formation. Essence of this concept is polarity and constant struggle between two grand civilizations, big regions, that call Land and Sea (also ideocratic, thalassocratic, heartland, rimland, sea power, tellurocratic). But it is position of world of Force, position about 6th Level. Alexander Dugin tells in “Foundations of geopolitics” about this planetary dualism: “With all the discrepancies in the particular aspects no one of the founders of Geopolitical Sciences did not question the fact of such confrontation. In its importance is comparable to the law of universal gravitation in physics.”

That is made, that only being suffer a lot from own demons, person cry – “My God, why…?!” – and begin to seek for higher causes. The same way is for country-questions level. When a confrontation between states’ alliances engenders international terrorism, person (persons, teams, leaders, people at all) begin to look for interests that are capable to unite whole planet (all alliances, countries) – 7th Level develops. Well, the Truth of process’ forming is seven basic energy; while developing it person learn to form process according to outer laws are not controlled to him, learn to so-create.

In any sphere tasks are solved with energies of Sympathy-partnership or with Force energies. Every men acts in accordance to states intrinsic to his Levels of consciousness. If involved diapason is formed on Force energies, than person spare no one and neglect everything stand in ambition’s satisfaction path. And, of course, absolutely sure on his rightness. But, rebuilding Force energies into Sympathy-partnership broads view and gives various opportunities and options for accepting interests of all members of process. When person tends to realize with Force, then doers accept it with Force also, and their ambitions rise too. Confrontation spring up with forming to state of war. It is like two battery terminals. Realization and Grasping – two terminals of one “battery”. Person can interact with each other only when they both have same type of energies (Sympathy-partnership or Force) in Realization and Grasping correspondingly. There cannot be battery with single terminal. If person have Realization with Force and Grasping with Sympathy-partnership in one Diapason, than he interact with others with Sympathy-partnership and Force depending on so-positions in space of process. Everyone choose oneself which of energies to act with.

For conscious choose it is necessary learn to oversee, make out, and transmute. Transmuting (also reconfiguration, transformation, conversion) of energy-informational structure to Sympathy-partnership is principle of moving in a path of development. In the state of Sympathy-partnership person is capable to grasp the new creatively, to analyse, experiment and ascend to new steps of awareness. In the state of struggle, aggression, confrontation and agiotage it is possible only to multiply information and diversify combination of its presentation while staying in assurance that it is development.

In the next article we will observe states of Force and Sympathy-partnership in examples on different Levels.